Social Media Marketing

Puzzled by Social Media?

Puzzled by Social Media

What is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is a term used to describe using social media sites to gain traffic to websites or attract attention for a business, non-profit or community organizations.

Social media is a resource that is easy to access and inexpensive to use. Social media encourages communication between customers and a business or organization. It is a a tool that connects people and brings communities together.

The most popular social media sites for marketing are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Pinterest
  4. Google+
  5. YouTube
  6. LinkedIn

Social media sites gaining popularity:

  1. Instagram
  2. Vine
  3. Yahoo
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. Chirp

Emerging social media:

  1. Thumb
  2. We Heart It
  3. Ello

An estimated 93 percent of marketers already use social media for business. Small business need to take their social media marketing strategies to the next level in 2015.

Social Media Trends for 2015*

Trend #1: It's Increasing a Mobile World
People are spending more and more time on their smart phones. Larger screened phones now account for more than one-quarter of all sales.**

Trend #2: It's Now a Pay-to-Play World
Ditch thinking about social as a free-place market. Invest in smart social advertising. Take the time target your demographic on advertising on the social platforms that are right for your brand. For some brands, that may be just Pinterest's new ad products.

Trend #3: Social Content Continues as the Rising Marketing Star
Content marketing seemed to attract an inordinate amount of attention in 2014, not only with regard to efficacy, but also about how hard it is to produce quality content in quantity. Content will continue to be a central directive for brand marketers on social.




Facebook commands the most clout among marketers. Facebook now drives nearly a quarter of overall traffic to sites.

Over the last year, its “share of traffic” has skyrocketed, up 150.49% (14.05 percentage points) from 9.34% in June 2013.*

What keeps Facebook on top?

  1. Users are always plugged into their feed and without realizing, tend to be highly invested in frequent check-ins and touch points with their connections.
  2. 64% of Facebook users visit the site on a daily basis.
  3. Facebook’s rich, and somewhat unpredictable feed promises anything but monotony.

*The Planet's 24 Largest Social Media Sites, And Where Their Next Wave Of Growth Will Come From



Twitter has nearly 1 billion registered users!

More and more, businesses are using Twitter for branding more than for traffic acquisition.*

Twitter will continue be still be a necessity for brands, but creativity is the key. Also spending money on twitter ads may be needed for messages to be amplified.



80% of Pinterest's users are female and likely to be 25-34 years old. Their interests include crafts, gifts, hobbies, interior design, and fashion design and collectors.

Shoppers referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make a purchase than visitors who arrive from other social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. They'll also spend 10% more on average.

What’s Pinterest’s advantage?

Compelling visual content wins, time and time again. That’s why brands love the platform. It allows them to showcase their best products in front of an audience excited to discover new things.


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